Feb. 17th, 2021
For musician and songwriter, Mike Doughty, a borrowed electric bass changed everything. Doughty, the son of a military man, grew up on an army base. But that meant a more conservative upbringing, one where order was prioritized and improvisational soloing wasn’t, necessarily.
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Meet James Dean Cotton:

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Regarding the inspiration for his song, California Burning, James Dean reflects, "The Camp Fire wildfire of 2018 devastated the California towns of Paradise, Magalia and Concow; sadly, extreme wildfires have become perennial events, with 2020 another example. This song is dedicated to the lives and homes lost, the firefighters, the front line workers, and the survivors." Additionally, James Dean counts James Taylor as his favorite artist, describing, "He's a magnificent storyteller, vocalist and finger style guitarist, and has sustained his success for so long."

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